Automotive Consumer Dynamics Study Released

With what the Auto industry has been through along with the battered consumers who would be purchasing new cars in years past – what is a marketer in this industry to do these days?  I recommend you take a look at Acxiom’s latest Automotive Consumer Dynamics  study which is now available for download by clicking the link. 

Key findings from the study reveal:

  • Motivations for domestic buyers are a stark contrast to what motivates Toyota buyers
  • Traits of consumers shopping “new” vs. “used” vehicles are strikingly different
  • Nearly half of those inclined to buy “new” are concentrated in just five states
  • Traditional lead generation methods no longer measure up

This study will help you get inside the heads of these “fence sitters” and also educate you on Acxiom’s deep consumer insight.

Automotive Consumer Dynamics


If you build it they will come…

I know, I know, it’s actually  “he will come” in the movie Field of Dreams, referring to Shoeless Joe Jackson and eventually even more members of the 1919 Black Sox.  That’s probably the only situation where it rang true.  In the real world it just doesn’t work that way.  Regardless, my blog is now “built” and the rest is up to me….

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