Like OMG! Klout is not the sharpest tool in the shed…

So I periodically visit Klout to check my score (43 at press time by the way) and to see if they’ve actually changed (or fixed) anything – and today I learned that I am influential on the topic of “teens”.

I tweet, retweet, comment, Like, +1, Instagram and blog regularly about social media, marketing, leadership, customer relationships, and globalization – and since one of the articles I shared last week was the very popular “How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did” from Forbes, these knuckleheads at Klout think I am influential on teens rather than “data mining”, “retail marketing”, or “predictive analytics”.

Obviously the inference engine is broken…

Now, I understand that the reason this happened is likely because this sharing on my part was amplified by my network through their retweets, comments, likes, etc – but that doesn’t make the results any less wrong.

So for you marketers weighing heavily on using Klout scores and influencer topics  as a key piece of data in your social marketing plans, here is another reason to think again.


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I am a Marketing Technology Evangelist with a passion for combining common sense with a sprinkle of technology to solve today's marketing challenges.

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