Upcoming Blog Topics – Brazil, Negotiation, and Air Travel

As we start a new year, I resolve to write more frequently – but make no promises!  I am literally brimming with ideas but no time to turn them into written words.   Over the Christmas break I was able to reflect a bit on some things experienced during my travels in the first part of December – keep an eye out for upcoming articles on the following topics:

  • Brazil Observations
    • Christmas in Sao Paulo
    • Sushi, Pizza, and Hot Wings
    • Orange Juice Prices
    • Expansion of consumer credit
  • Negotiating in a foreign country
    • Pick your battles
    • Recognize when you have no leverage
    • Be willing to barter
    • In most cases, A deal is better than NO deal
  •  The REAL problems with air travel – BOARDING
    • Carry-Ons vs Baggage Fees
    • Infrequent Flyers
    • Lack of Design Innovation

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Radio versus Direct Mail for the SMB

So this morning, like most mornings, I am enduring my 6 mile commute to the office listening to the radio.  Traffic is littered with work trucks as usual.  Many of these trucks represent small businesses, or if there is a national “brand” attached, it is still likely run by a local franchisee.  Anyway, on the radio I hear a commercial for a pizza place I have never heard of, and to my amazement,  this pizza shop is located more than 25 miles from where I was currently sitting at a red light between my home and the office.    When I got to the office I looked up the company and as suspected, they indeed a local, one shop small business.  So why in the world would the vast geography and broad demographic of radio appeal to this business owner?  Does he not understand that in the world of delivery pizza, it’s all location?  Why wouldn’t he simply send a coupon to every house within his delivery area?  I am not sure what a radio spot costs these days, but several years ago a firm I worked for ran some radio spots and it costs several thousand dollars to produce the ad and have it played several times a day for a couple of weeks. 

The one-to-one impact of direct mail is very powerful and if you can reach the right audience with the right message you’ve got gold baby!  For a Pizza Man that might be a simple, inexpensive resident/occupant list, or for a home remodeler it could be more targeted at homeowners with a new equity line.  

On the flip side, I also get a lot of curious direct mail pieces that might play better on the radio or TV, but that’s another post…  

Until then here is a video from MySalesHero that compares Yellow Page ads to Direct Mail…. http://www.youtube.com/user/mysaleshero

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